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We also offer the most technologically advanced system to radically improve the condition and appearance of your skin by removing dead and damaged skin cells. The Ultrapeel ® Isoderm ® System is the most superior system on the market, as it not only performs Microdermabrasions(skin surfacing), thus improving skin quality, treating acne, reducing scars, age spots, blemishes and other skin imperfections plus softening fine lines but it also performs dermoelectroporation.

Dermoelectroporation is exclusive to the Ultrapeel ® Isoderm ® System and results in the maximum effectiveness and benefits of product absorption directly to the deep layers of the skin. Results are visible after your first treatment and it is the only FDA approved Transdermal system on the market.

For your slimming needs, Thallion Wraps offer effective results for treating weight loss and cellulite. THAL’ION body products are saturated with active ingredients cumulating all the benefits from the seawater and seaweeds, thus achieving absolute effectiveness.

Energy from the sea will help you to achieve smooth, firm skin on a lean and trim body. A measurement graph will be drawn specifically for each client after each treatment where measurements will be shown and compared. This makes it easier to see the progressive results.

Finally, for that sun-kissed, glowing tan throughout the entire year, we also offer the San Tropez self-tanning, which gives you a beautiful tan all over your body in just two to three treatments.

In addition to these specialized treatments, Kazouki Beauty clinic also offers standard salon treatments such as manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, bleaching, electrolysis, make up and machine slimming treatments.

A big selection of perfumes is available. Ask at the reception to try samples.

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